About us

 Originally hailing from Mexico, InTheWild takes inspiration from the local jaguars. Who, despite over-hunting and deforestation, have beaten all odds and adapted incredibly to their new environment, thriving with a 20% growth in population in just five years.

It's this ability to adapt that we admire most. 

We've created an organically grown skincare range founded on a similar principle - to help people adapt to new. 

New things, new ingredients, new realities and  new environments. 

Because, much like the jaguars, we too need to take a risk and make a change in order for us to grow. A Brand Born In The Midst of a Pandemic Through Resilience, Adaptation & Evolution. What drove us was a challenge and desire for survival ;  we had to change and adapt to be able to pursuit our dream.

Adapt and don't just survive; thrive.

Just like a jaguar.