About us

Originally hailing from Mexico, IN THE WILD takes inspiration from the spirit of the local jaguar. 

Despite over-hunting and deforestation, the jaguar has beaten all odds and adapted to its new environment, thriving with a 20% growth in population in just 5 years. It’s this ability to adjust that we admire.
We’ve created an organically grown skincare range founded on a similar principle – to help people adapt to new. 
New ingredients, new realities and new environments.
With our naturally enhancing products, you can achieve younger and healthier-looking skin. Because, much like the jaguars, we too need to take a risk and make a change in order for us to grow.  

We built our brand during one of the biggest crises in recent history. So, we’ve realised that we also need to be open to change for us to move forward. We want to inspire all of our customers to do exactly the same.

Adapt and don’t just survive but thrive. 


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