Welcome to the wild side

Welcome to the wild side

Step into a new world of adventure with IN THE WILD.

Be Brave and Bold

We are a new, brave beauty brand born in Mexico, during the biggest global crisis in recent history. We have launched, evolved and adapted our range in the middle of a pandemic. Go us!

Being bold and adventurous is exactly how we want you to feel when it comes to choosing the right skincare range for you.

We love to push the boundaries, to find unique active ingredients that give your skin maximum natural power to regenerate and glow.

You can now have the very best skincare ingredients at your fingertips. Our moisturisers and serums contain unique natural formulas created from some of the most potent organic ingredients in the world.


Adapt in our new world

When curating our creams, lotions and potions, we take inspiration from the spirit of our wild jaguar. Originally hailing from Mexico, despite over-hunting and deforestation, this ‘jungle panther’ can adapt! The jaguar has beaten all odds by adapting to new environments, and is now thriving and growing in population.

Our products are designed with this adaptability in mind. People are experiencing change, new realities are constantly emerging, and our skin is too.


Sustainable skincare

Our customers and our planet are at the heart of what we do. We consciously have created IN THE WILD to be respectful to our environment and provide you with happy, healthy skin. Our products are vegan, organic and use natural active ingredients to help all skin types, from acne, redness, anti-ageing, dehydrated and oily skin.


Make a Difference

We want to inspire you to try new things. You will see the difference and make a difference too. IN THE WILD will be donation 2% of profits to mental health charities, helping people adapt.


Click here to view all our beautiful pots of jungle magic. Buy and be amazed.

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