IN THE WILD skincare products

Indie Brands Teaching Us How to Adapt

IN THE WILD is a new, brave beauty brand born during one of the biggest global crises in recent history.

In the midst of this pandemic, we adapted our skills to not only source unique active ingredients from around the world, but also recruited a global resource of specialists to design, create and launch the skincare brand (crazy we know).

We knew that being able to adapt and change is key, which is why we took inspiration from the wild jaguar.

Despite over-hunting and deforestation, the jaguars in Mexico have beaten all odds and adapted to its new environment, thriving with a 20% growth in population in just 5 years.

The ‘new normal’ enabled us to overcome the social distancing restrictions by working completely remotely with dermatologists, scientists, web designers and brand agencies to create one of the most powerful skincare range available. 

Our team made it their mission to create a brand that would develop products and create a cult following who would share the same values and ethos as the brand. The resilience and the unerring focus on achieving the dream of creating a truly unique skincare brand, promoting wellness through the power of nature has made this dream come true.

We pursued our dream to create a range that helps give the body and mind a complete overhaul.

We are IN THE WILD, we adapt to new environments, new ingredients and new experiences.

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