ATANASIO, this week favourite - with the reason!

ATANASIO is packed full of incredible ingredients to visibly smooth your face, replenishing your skin's natural youthful glow.


A Brand Born In The Midst of a Pandemic Through Resilience, Adaptation & Evolution

What drove us was a challenge and desire for survival ;  we had to change and adapt to be able to pursuit our dream.

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  • With Jojoba Oil To Glowing Skin

    Looking for a way to make your skin look instantly more radiant? Jojoba oil is a must-have ingredient for every skin-care routine...

  • Why Your Skin Loves Vitamin E

    In addition to providing moisture and protection from harmful free radicals, applying such a product daily will help improve your skin’s appearan...

  • The Skin Care Superhero

    It’s time to take the superhero powers of Niacinamide into your own hands. This powerful ingredient, also known as Vitamin B3, is a jack of all trades when...

  • Skincare basics

    Adopting good habits, using the products and ingredients can help us on our way to younger, fresh, clean skin. Here is our guide to skincare by decade for the steps you...

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Our bestseller : XIMENA

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The best moisturisers 2021

GLAMOUR featured us as one of the best moisturisers in 2021. CLEMENTE's main ingredient was the key to success.

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